The Endless Drip

by Room 101

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released March 12, 2016



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Room 101 Cincinnati, Ohio

Kevin: drums
Ving: bass
Charlie: guitar
Eric: vocals

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Track Name: Alchemize
Hours we'll never get back. Running in circles to satisfy the bloodlust of the masses. Unceasing bloodshed. An everyday war founded on the double standards of the fact that those who have the gold make the rules. We run in circles, fools, with fictitious goals: dreams of success, gilded corpses. Alchemize for the murderous voices… “Consume! consume! consume!”
Track Name: Swallow the Poison
Branded like cattle: Logos burned into flesh. Megalons without borders manipulate and control. Convenience and recreation permits information aggregation: Sell your consumers to the highest bidder. At the auction block we gobble the bait and swallow the poison. Will technology set your staggering corpse free? Set me free.
Track Name: Consummation
Chemists labor to maximize pheromones, quantifying sexuality in equations of attraction. Colonized by corporate innovation, consummate your hollow love at the bloody altar of capital.
Track Name: Oxytocin Drip
Vapid celebrity trail of emptiness penetrates every orifice of our existence, hooked on an endless drip of oxytocin. We bond with abstractions of what the world is: a marketing laboratory grown image synthesis. Grooming and pruning: what we’re destined to be. We’re the first to give away our hopes and dreams. Consumption displaces history. By design, all differences effaced. Poised to obey, we’re the first to give away our hopes and dreams. The endless fucking drip // only love of this world order left. The endless fucking drip // only love of consumption left.
Track Name: One Conservative
Men’s rights? Pure regression. Reaction cloaked in freedom of contract. The freedom for white men to defend their dominion. One conservative, one bullet: the first shot of the culture war. One conservative, one bullet for libertarians, for patriarchs, for self-serving waste. Freedom is worthless without economic security. Freedom is worthless in a rape culture. Freedom is worthless without justice. The first shot of the culture war... justice.
Track Name: Protection
Arm every teacher in an action movie delusion. A torrent of bullets is protection from living. Violence against violence. We fulfill our masochistic dreams by annihilating ourselves and everyone else. A hurricane of assault weapons to save us from safety. A flurry of destruction we gleefully unleash upon ourselves.
Track Name: Paralyzed
The banality of tragedy: Mass murder commodity. A story fit for a hero. An endless stream of atrocity. “What is this world coming to…?” pacifies unperceptive eyes. Mediated violence is institutionalized for a nation of drones, a nation of drones paralyzed by a torrent of fear. Consumers, consuming paralyzed by a torrent of fear. Frozen with fear, facing enemies you can’t comprehend. Take their hands, mediated, entropy filtered into what you can understand. Violence, difference, us versus them. Differences so stark, so self-evident. Absorb your programming. Perpetuate the eternal global war.
Track Name: Abstractions
Liberation through consumption: the neoliberal fantasy. Glossy products severed from production. Meanings abstracted from reality. We’re crushed through abstractions, all value extracted, smothered by the boot of global capital. Fossil-fueled production processes are merely variables in an equation. Cheap production // collateral damage. The bottom line necessitates exploitation. We are crushed, commodified, reified, and enslaved through abstractions.
Track Name: Progress Breaks Ground
Export the impoverished as the city becomes a playground for the rich. Prices soar, fucking bulldoze the poor in this white and wealthy city where investment can do no wrong. Pave over centuries of pain, ship away urban suffering. Congenial, smiling improvement through destruction. Eject dispossessed abused prostitutes interfering with highest land use. Prices soar, fucking bulldoze the poor in this white and wealthy city where investment can do no wrong. Pave over centuries of pain, ship away urban suffering. Congenial, smiling, improvement through destruction. The real scum, commercial vermin prey. Silent screams dissipate into the void. Whose progress? Who benefits?
Track Name: Worship the Cloud
Programmed colonized leisure: self-actualization is commodified // life on globalized factory time. Kneel before the altar of information psychosis. Worship the cloud of your colonized dreams. Consuming, entranced by endless screens, absorbed in distraction. Mediated life and guarantees of bliss and satisfaction. Worship the cloud of your colonized dreams.
Track Name: Seal Your Tomb
Apathy is white privilege. Apathy is fear and entitlement. Fester in comfortable cowardice. Rot in mediocrity. Suffer in your irony… you suffer. Hedonistic: avoid your fate. Nihilistic: avoid your fate. Seal your fate through ironic dismissal. Seal your fucking tomb.